Formulation and in vitro study of Ibuprofen loaded crosslinked sodium alginate and gellan gum microspheres

Sudipta Das, Shouvik Mondal


Ibuprofen loaded microspheres were prepared using sodium alginate and gellan gum and were cross-linked by maleic anhydride, aluminium chloride. The resulting microspheres were evaluated by in-vitro release study, swelling index, microscopic analysis and entrapment efficiency. DSC study shows there was no interaction between drug and excipients. Entrapment was found good in all the formulations while the maximum entrapment (97.6%) was recorded in formulation cross-linked by aluminium chloride and their average particle size were 150 to 160 m. Approximately 50% of drug was released by the formulation cross-linked by aluminium chloride (F2) over a period of 6 hours. From this experiment, it is observed that the formulation with cross-linked by aluminium chloride is the better formulation among others due to good release profile and entrapment efficiency.


Microspheres, gellan gum, drug release

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