The Clinical and Hematological changes in Rabbits exposed to Melia azedarach fruits under experimental conditions

AL- Zubaedi Raad Mahmood


The study was conducted on 10 local breed rabbits, of 1-2 years age, of 1- 1.5 kg body weight. They were feed concentrated and green food, and left ad libitum for water, and kept in room of 20- 25 oC. The animals divided into two groups of 5 each. First as treated group received the plant in powder form mixed with the food at a dose rate of 5 g/ animal / day for three weeks , while the second  left without exposure as a control group .The main dependent parameters in the study  were , clinical parameters ( body temperature , heartbeat , respiratory rate, body weight , in addition to monitor  any abnormal signs appear  on the animals . While the  main hematological  parameters were included , RBC count , WBC count , Hb concentration,PCV percentage  , Red cell indices , Bleeding time and Clotting time.

    The body temperature, respiratory rates, heart rate were increased .The body weight decreased .The bleeding time and clotting time were prolonged. The erythrocyte count, Hb concentration, and MCV values were decreased; PCV and MCHC did not showed any significant changes. The MCH increased. The total leucocytes count and the basophiles percentage did not showed any significant changes. The Heterophils and monocytes percentage increased .The lymphocytic and Eosinophil percentage were decreased during the study.


Hematological, Melia azedarach fruit, Rabbits

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