Acute hemorrhagic stroke in young adults-a study in a tertiary-care hospital of North India

Omkar Prasad Baidya, Sunita Tiwari, Kauser Usman


Objectives: To see the risk factors, clinical presentations and radiological profile of acute hemorrhagic stroke in young subjects in a tertiary-care hospital of North India.

Methods: This study was carried out among 50 acute hemorrhagic stroke patients (clinically and radiologically confirmed) irrespective of sex within the age group of 15-45 years admitted to Department of Medicine after getting clearance from Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC). A proforma for each of the acute hemorrhagic stroke patients was maintained where all clinical information in brief including particulars of the subject, chief complaints, past history, general physical examination and systemic examinations etc were recorded in a systematic way. Plain CT (computed tomography) scan brain was done for all the subjects on admission for radiological confirmation and to localize the site and side of lesion in brain.

Results: Hypertension (74%) was common among acute hemorrhagic stroke in young adults. Majority of the acute hemorrhagic stroke patients presented with hemiplegia (66%). Beside, imaging findings confirmed left sided brain lesion in majority of the patients (56%) and lobe as the most common site involved in the brain. Conclusions: Hypertension is very common among the young acute hemorrhagic stroke patients. Most common clinical presentation is hemiplegia. Thus, the proper knowledge of the risk factors, clinical presentation and radiological profile of acute hemorrhagic stroke in young adults can help in prevention, understanding the patho-physiology and the disease management.  


Hemorrhage, CT scan, Hemiplegia

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