Comparison of Blackboard and PowerPoint Presentation in Teaching Biochemistry For MBBS Students

Saritha G, Ramesh Babu M


Background:  Blackboard teaching is the traditional method of delivery of lecture for MBBS students. Power point presentation is the popular new tool in teaching the subject for the students. An effective teaching method helps to improve the academic performance of the student and also it is useful to implement the knowledge in the future.

Aims and objectives: The aim of the study was to compare the student’s perception of blackboard teaching and power point presentation in learning Biochemistry among MBBS students.

Material and methods: A total of 120 first year MBBS students participated in this study. The study was conducted by asking the students to fill a questionnaire regarding their perception about the blackboard teaching and power point presentation in learning Biochemistry.

Results: In this study, the students preferred blackboard (70%) as the teaching method compared to power point presentation. In blackboard teaching there is better perception of the subject (77%) and there was more involvement in teaching (80%) compared to power point teaching. Whereas power point was preferred by the students to make notes (62%) compared to blackboard teaching.

Conclusion: Blackboard still remains the preferred teaching aid to learn Biochemistry among the MBBS students. Power point presentation is helpful for the students to take down notes.


Blackboard , Powerpoint, Biochemistry

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