Primary ovarian ectopic pregnancy: A rare condition (Case Series)

Neha Varun, Renu Tanwar, Sudha Prasad, Nidhi Gupta


Primary ovarian pregnancy is one of the rarest varieties of ectopic pregnancies and is usually seen in young highly fertile multiparous women using intra uterine devices. Primary ovarian pregnancy accounts for 0.153% of all ectopic gestations. Patients frequently present with lower abdominal pain and menstrual irregularities. Preoperative diagnosis is challenging in these patients. Awareness about primary ovarian ectopic pregnancy is very important as delay in the diagnosis of this condition may result in certain complications including rupture, operative problems and secondary implantation. Here, we are presenting three cases of primary ovarian ectopic pregnancies presented with acute abdominal pain and were diagnosed as a case of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. All these cases were confirmed intra-operatively and histopathologically as primary ovarian pregnancy. All the cases were successfully managed by surgery.


Primary, ovarian pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy

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