Influence of Pharmacology on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Self Medication in 2nd year Medical Students -Observational Questionnaire Based Study

Manasa CR, Kalpana L, Veena RM, Bharath Kumar V D


Background: Self medication has been misused by use of non-prescription drugs amongst students which has become a serious problem. The youth is especially exposed to the media and the increased advertising of pharmaceuticals poses a larger threat to the young population.

Aims & Objectives: To determine the influence of Pharmacology on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Self Medication in 2nd year Medical Students

Materials and Methods: Self administered, semi structured validated questionnaires as pretest will be given at the beginning of 2nd year (3rd term) followed by post test at the end of 2nd year (5th term). Study was done among 105 and 109 in 3rd and 5th term 2nd year medical students.

Results: Out of 118 second year medical students, 105 were of 3rd term and 109 were of 5th term. In 3rd term 58 were males and 47 were females, while in 5th term, 61 were males and 47 were females. In 5th term students knowledge regarding use of drugs for self medication were 106(97.2%), 104(95.4%), 108(99%), 86(78.8%), 69(63.3%) and 94(86.2%) compared to 3rd term students which were 45(42.8%), 36(43.2%), 56(53.3%), 63(60%), 24(22.8%) and 53(50.4%) respectively. Attitude wise 98(89.9%) in 5th term and 82(78%) believe that drug should not be taken which has expired date. 103(94.5%) of 5th term students and 101(96.1%) of 3rd term students had felt the necessity of medical knowledge towards self-medication. Among the participants participating self-medication, majority 96(88%) in 5th term and 91(86.6%) 3rd term followed allopathic system of medicine.

Conclusion:  In our study 5th term students were more confident and well versed with pharmacology and hence better knowledge, attitude and practice was observed compared to 3rd term students.


Self medication; Pharmacology teaching; Medical students

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