Histological Changes in Epididymis of Albino Rats by Graded Doses of Cyclophosphamide

Javed Ahmad Khan, Mudasir Ahmad Khan, Aijaz Ahmad Patloo, Mohammad Arif Makhdoomi, Showkat Ahmad Dar


Background: Cyclophosphamide is widely used in the treatment of various neoplastic diseases and diseases associated with altered immunity. Higher doses used for longer duration effects many organs like urinary bladder, lungs, liver, heart and male reproductive organs.

Methods: To study the effect of cyclophosphamide on the micro anatomy of epididymis, sixty eight Albino rats were taken and divided into three groups, group A (control group) of 20 animals, were fed with routine diet, group B (low dose group) of 24 animals, were given cyclophosphamide at the dose of 0.5 mg/100 gms in addition to the routine diet and group C (high dose group) of 24 animals, were given high dose of cyclophosphamide at the dose of 0.7 mg/100 gms of weight of animal in addition to the routine diet. The animals were sacrificed at intervals of 3, 6, 9 and 12 weeks, sections of the tissue from the epididymis were prepared and stained with Haematoxylin and Eosin stain.

Results: In both low dose and high dose groups there was no apparent histological change at 3 weeks of drug administration, however there were absent sperm whorls in some of the tubules of the epididymis of both low dose and high dose groups at this stage. At 6 weeks there was increase in the number of clear cells in the tubules of epididymis of both the groups. While as at 9 weeks there were some atrophic changes in the tubules of group C rats.

Conclusion: In present study we observed certain histological changes in the epididymis of cyclophosphamide treated albino rats. These were in the form of absent sperms, increase in number of clear cells, increase in peritubular space and atrophic changes.


Cyclophosphamide, Epididymis, Clear cells

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