Open reduction and Internal fixation of mandibular subcondylar fractures with quadrangular plate - A Case Report

P. Pravahitha, M. R. Mutushekar


Mandibular condylar fractures are the most commonly encountered mandibular fractures, being 17.5–52% of all mandibular fractures. The most common unilateral fracture is subcondylar, and the most common bilateral fracture is of the condylar heads, mostly caused by direct trauma, but may also be due to indirect forces. Treatment of condylar fractures depends on physical and imaging evidence of the fracture, extent of injury (whether unilateral or bilateral), the level of fracture, the degree of displacement and dislocation, the size and position of the fractured condylar segment, and the dental malocclusion.


Sub condylar fracture, Quadrangular plating system, Open reduction and internal fixation, Mandibular fractures

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