Preparation of sodium alginate nanoparticles by desolvation technique using iso propyl alcohol as desolvating agent

  • Abbaraju Krishna sailaja RBVRR Women's college of pharmacy, Affiliated to Osmania University
  • Swathi P. RBVRR Women’s College Of Pharmacy, Affiliated to Osmania University, Department Of Pharmaceutics, Barkatpura, Hyderabad
Keywords: Nanotechnology


Objective : The present study was undertaken to prepare and characterize drug loaded Sodium Alginate nanoparticles using Desolvation technique. The model drug chosen was Ibuprofen.

Method : These nanoparticles were prepared by two methods i.e; Continuous addition method and intermittent addition methods in which the addition of desolvating agent was done at the rate of 1ml per minute and 1 ml per 5 minutes respectively. The optimized formulation developed using these two methods were characterized for particle size and stability.

Results : The best method among two was determined by comparing the particle size and stability of the formulation using Particle Size analyzer and Zeta Sizer. Mean particle diameter and Zeta Potential was found to be 289.8 nm, -44.5 mV and 289.2 nm, -49.9 mV for the particles prepared by Continuous addition method and Intermittent addition method respectively.

Conclusion: Intermittent addition method was concluded as the best method for the preparation of Ibuprofen loaded sodium alginate nanoparticles because of their smaller particle size and greater stability.


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Author Biography

Abbaraju Krishna sailaja, RBVRR Women's college of pharmacy, Affiliated to Osmania University
Associte professor,RBVRR Women's college of pharmacy,Affiliated to Osmania University,Hyderabad


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