Effect of compost and gypsum on rice crop production in saline soil

  • Ayesha Ameen University of South ASIA Lahore cantt
  • Jalil Ahmad Lahore Compost Pvt Ltd, Punjab
  • Shahid Raza University of South ASIA Lahore cantt
Keywords: Rice Crop, Gypsum, Compost, Saline Soil


The rice crop is the most important and widely used crop worldwide, 40% of the population is dependent on rice for getting calories. This study was designed by keeping in view the importance of reclamation of saline soil and for checking the effect of compost on saline soil along with gypsum. The impact of saline soil on rice crop along with gypsum and addition of compost was checked. The trials were planned at jhang district of Punjab. The covered area of one acre for each trial. The control treatment was only contain 60 bags of gypsum provided to rice crop in one acre area. The experimental treatments included the different amounts of compost and gypsum and their mixture was applied. It was concluded from this study that best yield was given by the trial having equal amount of gypsum and compost. The saline conditions effect the crop at initial stage, but with the combination of gypsum and compost the good yield can be obtained.


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Author Biography

Ayesha Ameen, University of South ASIA Lahore cantt
Biological sciences


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Ameen, A., Ahmad, J., & Raza, S. (2017). Effect of compost and gypsum on rice crop production in saline soil. International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research, 3(8), 99-100. https://doi.org/10.7439/ijasr.v3i8.4277
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